• Hindsgavl Camping site is located approx. 400 m from Lillebælt, adjacent to Søbadet, where one of Denmark’s most beautiful diving areas is to be found.

  • Facilities for re-filling aqualungs are available at the site. We have a 190 litre Bauer compressor with a 30.000 litre air bank, and we can charge your air-tanks for most of the year and, virtually, at any time.

  • The camping site also has facilities for cleaning and dry diving equipment.
  • In addition to cabins and caravan area, etc., the camping site has a large tent area which makes the site ideal for both large and small diving groups.
  • Scuba-diving in Lillebælt is an experience. There are opportunities for beach diving, deep diving, and strong-current diving.
  • The fauna in the Lillebælt region is unique in that it is not to be found in any other part of Denmark.
  • The strong current has created at large slope, over 500 metre long, which compromises a vertical wall of from two to six metres high, interrupted in a few places by a steep escarpment.
  • The slope stretches from Søbadet in the West, under the old Lillebælt Bridge, and continues onwards to Kongebrogården on the East side of the bridge.

  • In summer, the bridge pier is covered with mussels and sea-anemones. The area is beautiful and lends itself to smoot diving. It is approx. 28 metres to the sea-bottom, but a hole between the shore and the bridge pier allows the dive to be extended to approx. 32 metres.